Grant Mechanisms

January 2019

The Board of Directors would like to announce an exciting restructuring of the grant mechanisms offered by the Foundation. We were motivated to make this change in order to better utilize donations made to the Foundation creating a way in which potentially more grant dollars can be awarded yearly.

The grant opportunities are now:

  1. The Robin McKenzie Grants
    1. Primary grant: This mechanism will fund up to $25,000 USD for a 2 year proposal. Proposals to this mechanism must be original projects. Pilot study proposals are encouraged. Applications are due June 1st of each year.
      Research training grant: This mechanism will fund up to $10,000 USD and will foster a year-long mentorship between a novice (such as a clinician with a good idea) and an experienced researcher. The expected outcome is a well-developed research project that could be implemented or submitted for funding. Applications are due September 1st of each year.
    2. Continuation grant: This mechanism will fund up to $5,000 USD to assist with the publication of a completed project. Funds can be used for items such as additional statistical analyses and publication fees. Applications can be submitted at any time during the year.
  1. The Pete Wilde Scholarship: This mechanism provides $2,000 in tuition assistance for the pursuit of a graduate level degree (masters or doctoral) or a Diploma program (through MII). Applicants will be required to submit an essay that demonstrates critical research thinking.