Donations to the Foundation

The Foundation welcomes donations from everyone who supports the initiation and growth of quality research.

No donation will be considered too small.
The easiest way to make a donation is to use the Donate Buttons below.
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The foundation has different grant opportunities and you can decide which grant you will support with your donation. You find detailed information on the mechanisms here:


send donations by mail with a check to:
The International MDT Research Foundation
140 Iowa Lane
STE 104
Cary NC
Send an email to and we will provide you with details for bank transfers.Any donation made within the United States will fall under charitable donations and receive tax consideration. Those who donate from other countries should check with their tax accountants to see how these donations apply to their specific country. In all events, a letter will be issued from the Foundation indicating we are a USA registered not-for-profit organization recognizing the donation for the contributor’s tax records.

To make a taxable deduction from Germany, please visit the German branch at www.mdtforschung.deWe thank our contributors that have made our inaugural awards possible!