PETE WILDE Scholarship – A note from Margret Campbell

PETE WILDE Scholarship                                                                                           

Margret Campbell

Last year I was honoured to be the first recipient of the IMDTRF memorial Pete Wilde Scholarship. I fortunately had the opportunity to meet Pete once in 2009 when he returned briefly to New Zealand after completing the MDT Diploma. He was very passionate about MDT and most encouraging about progressing through to the next level of education. Hearing from Pete, how the diploma programme had transformed his practice and introduced him to additional opportunities, including research, helped push me closer towards undertaking the higher level of MDT learning.
Once I had completed the diploma myself, masters’ study seemed the next logical step and MDT gave me a research focus that was not only relevant for me but that would hopefully in some way contribute to the body of evidence related to Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy.

Those that pursue postgraduate education do so with hope of future opportunity however undertaking study at this level also comes with challenges. Protected time for study and fiscal concerns are often highlighted as key difficulties encountered.  I saw the IMDTRF awarding me the Pete Wilde Scholarship not only as recognition of those challenges but also as validation that my research was worthwhile to the MDT community.
As a novice researcher it was exciting to have that acknowledgement.

My research thesis was completed earlier this year and in August I graduated from the Auckland University of Technology – coincidently Pete’s alma mater – with a Master in Health Science.  The findings and implications of my qualitative inquiry regarding participation in the MDT diploma programme have been passed onto the McKenzie Institute’s education council.
It is hoped that the study and its findings will instigate thoughts within the institute around two constructs:
1. How to sustain trust and hope in the system, via the learning continuums education, teaching and learning processes, as well as strategies for enhancing the MDT community of practice.
2. Initiating an evidence base that might support the educational practices of the McKenzie Institute.

Going forward I will look to pursue having my research accepted for publication.  A copy of the thesis is available via AUT Tuwhera

Many are owed thanks for helping me and buoying my enthusiasm as I progressed through my masters’ study. I would specifically like to thank the IMDTRF and the Pete Wilde Scholarship, for its support and assistance – whakawhetai koe, a pa ata whai.

Margaret Campbell

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